Reuters: Generation Space launches startup accelerator in U.S.

Written by: leah_seraphim

It’s fantastic to see Reuters sharing the launch of our Generation Space Accelerator!

The Generation Space Accelerator is delivered by Generation Space LLC, a SpaceTech specialist based in San Francisco. The accelerator will bring in-depth industry expertise to get US and global-based Seed and Pre-Series A companies “investment ready”. Helping facilitate relationships with some of the world’s leading Space corporates and agencies.

The Generation Space Accelerator will provide 12 early-stage U.S. startups with access to education, mentorship and financing over a 12-week period. The accelerator will focus on startups working in sectors ranging from climate technology and defence to communications and mobility.

Generation Space will look to replicate the European Seraphim Space accelerator, which has so far accelerated 72 start-ups, over 90% of which are successfully funded and have collectively raised over $240 million in equity funding, since 2018.

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