AST & Science are building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones. Called SpaceMobile, this ultra-powerful network will provide connectivity at 4G/5G speeds everywhere on the planet – on land, at sea and in flight.



AST Space Mobile is the first space-based cellular broadband network for mobile phones. AST is filling coverage gaps for over 5 billion people moving around the planet, anywhere traditional wireless networks don’t exist. With AST, mobile subscribers will be automatically able to roam from land networks to a space network. It works in the most remote location, on rural farmlands, or during a crisis or natural disaster, people will remain connected at broadband speeds, without the need of investing in expensive and specialised hardware. By helping underserved communities, providing new earning opportunities, bridging the digital divide and providing access to previously unreachable areas, AST positively contributes toward SDG 9.

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