World’s first microsatellite SAR. Iceye is building a satellite-based information service, providing the world with access to near-real- time imagery from space.



ICEYE uses radar satellites to unlock access to data on any location on Earth in order to monitor natural catastrophes and hazards such as flooding. This information can then be used to make critical and timely decisions in order to respond and mitigate to any potential climate-related hazards and natural disasters.

For example, ICEYE’s products provides several solutions to monitor natural catastrophes, that contribute to SDG 13:

  • Flood monitoring – ICEYE’s solutions provide accurate data on water-caused damage to insured property during floods, in any location on Earth.
  • Wildfire monitoring – ICEYE’s persistent monitoring allows for stakeholders to respond to wildfires in innovative ways.
  • Wind monitoring – ICEYE provides access to situational awareness and near real-time damage data related to storms that occur across the globe.
  • Earthquake monitoring – Through their persistent monitoring approach, ICEYE can capture valuable data and actionable insights before, during, and after an earthquake.

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